Tax Return Fees

Company Tax Returns From Just $280/year
Financial statements are optional

Tax Returns


per year

Financial Statements

+ $500

per year

Activity Statements


per quarter

Your supply P&L + Balance Sheet Your supply P&L + Balance Sheet You prepare working, we’ll check and lodge
+$280 for FBT Returns +$600 if you have no accounting system +$66 if you need preparation

Fixed Fee Individual Tax Returns From Just $99/year

Tax Returns


per year

Rental Property
Tax Returns


per year

Salary & Wages Includes Basic Tax Return + One Rental Property
Financial Investment Income You supply agent Rental Summary
+$40 Work Related Deductions over $300 +$40 per additional Rental Property
+$40 per Rental Property  +$40 if you need preparation of Rental Summary
+$40 business with summary
+$60 or more business with no summary (depends on time)
+$40 foreign property
+$30 more than two rebates
+$30 foreign income
+$50 current year return
+$40 share dividend
+$40 fee from refund
+$60 FFR – overseas bank account
+$40 Depreciation Schedule

Previous Year Tax Returns From Just $99/year

Tax Returns Amendment From Just $99/year